Sunday, June 22, 2008

Million Dollar Password observations...

I have sent int my "application" for Million Dollar Password. I was thrilled beyond belief when I heard the show was returning. My favorite game show of all-time was Super Password, hosted by Bert Convey.
If you out there in blogosphere have any clout with the show's contestant pickers, PLEASE PLEASE tell them I would be a great contestant!

Tonight, I noticed the words were much more difficult than in previous shows.
Words like "deputy" "sword" and others are hard to give...

I also noticed they had three ladies on today, which means my odds are getting better of being on the show. I think I have decided to send in my "application" once a week so the show knows my desire and enthusiasm for wanting to be on the show.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

World's most expensive house

A house in India is estimated to have cost $2 billion dollars.
How can you put that much dinero into a house?
Its 27 stories high!
You have to see this to believe it!

My little garden home is probably the size of one of the 600 full-time staff's room!
Yes, 600 full-time servants!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boston Legal life lessons

I never really cared to watch Boston Legal, but my husband loves it, so I have tuned in... While the show makes me laugh, has convoluted story lines, is highly left-leaning, there is one thing I really like about it... Its the friendship between Alan and Denny Crane.

The writers portray Denny as a crazy far-right loon, but he and Alan remain close friends (Alan is extremely liberal)

What I like is that this shows that people with severely polar opposite political beliefs can be friends; best friends, no doubt...

In this highly divisive political climate, it is nice to see the writers show the love the two men have for one another. No, these guys are not gay, but they show affection like two real friends would...

Kudos to Boston Legal!