Monday, December 31, 2007

Time to worry Cowboys fans

What a sorry showing yesterday!
After a lackluster December, I would say we all have something to worry about come two weeks from now...
I know it was rainy and wet, but the Redskins didnt seem to have any problems moving the ball...
Not only was the offense AWOL, but I saw some things in the secondary that included Reeves and Watkins I didnt like...
I appreciated hearing Cris Collinsworth say Saturday night after the Patriots win that he believes Dallas and New England will meet in the SuperBowl, but after yesterday, I really am wondering...
Lets hope all of our injured players return in two weeks...

Friday, December 28, 2007

My 2008 resolutions

Because its good to start the new year with some goals, here are mine:

1. spend more time in prayer and reading my Bible
2. finish my dissertation and graduate
3. spend more quality time with my husband and daughter
4. work out 3 or 4 days a week
5. lift weights twice a week
6. get a teaching job
7. re-evaluate these goals as I need to

Now #3-#5 I do now, but I want to continue those...
My motto for life is simple:


which means "seize the day!"
I live my best every day and strive to be "in the moment."

What are your resolutions and goals for 2008? What is the motto you live by every day?

Happy 2008!
Much love, success and prosperity for you and your family next year!

Heaven is the San Marcos outlet mall!

What does every shopoholic do after Christmas? Yes, hit the after-Christmas sales, of course! The outlets in San Marcos were the perfect place...
I'm convinced that heaven will have the best places to shop!
What stores did they have in San Marcos?
*Michael Kors( I found the cutest bag there and a skirt)
*Salvatore Ferragamo and Jimmy Choo (didnt have the courage to walk in those)
*Neiman-Marcus (I tried on some Taryn Rose heels that were gray and soooo comfortable but slightly out of my price range; OK, WAY out of my price range)
*Crate and Barrel (found a blue-and-white pitcher there)
*Talbots (the prices are far cheaper than in the stores - got three skirts and a sweater)
*Calvin Klein, Nine West, Ann Taylor, Ann Klein, Max Azria, BCBG, Gap, Pottery Barn and so many more!

It is definitely worth the time and gas to hit that place - ladies, you will find some bargains! I did! :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

I had a great Christmas Eve afternoon alone with my husband.
We went to RuthChris steak house for lunch...What a dining experience!
I didnt know steaks could taste that delicious! All you vegans and vegetarians are really missing out! I had a petit filet, cooked medium rare, with a baked potato...The bread was scrumptions also!
For dessert, I had the chocolate sin cake!
The service was excellent as well.
Eating there is really worth the money!

Then we went to see National Treasure 2...It had all the witty reportoire of the orginal, and the plot was just as convaluted as the first one...It was a great family film that was upbeat, fun and appropriate for all ages.
I wont give the plot, but it sure would be fun to change history according to the movie!
Go see the movie with your family!

Me rr y Ch ri st m as!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Romney explains himself...

So much for my earlier post about Romney being believable about his statement that he saw his father marching with Dr. King in the 1960's...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Goodbye magazines!

Why is it that the best magazines get the ax?
In case you havent heard, Martha Stewart's Blueprint magazine has gone by the wayside... Some of its ideas and formats will be absorbed into the company's other special publications, like Martha Stewart Weddings and others...
I loved Blueprint! It had a mix of topics that interested me, from fashion, to design, to self-help.
Another mag to get the boot is House and Garden. While I didnt read that one often, their website and blogs were awesome.

A few years ago, my absolute favorite magazine was done away with: Budget Living. Anyone remember that one? The premise of that mag was cost-effective ways of living, from shopping, to decorating, to party-throwing...
I am still mad at the magazine gods for getting rid of that one!

So what are my favorite magazines now?
Here they are in no particular order:
Living Etc (Out of England - $7 and some change at Barnes and Noble, but this
just might be the best magazine you are not reading...the
photography is hands-down the best of ANY magazine, and the
merchandising/staging of items is terrific)
Real Simple
Better Homes and Gardens
Organize (this magazine, dedicated to organizing your home and life, just
started this year. I LOVE purchasing baskets and boxes that help
organize all of my stuff)

Fair Tax

I blogged previously that Huckabee has my interest because he is a proponent of the Fair Tax.
The bottom line is this: there would be no more income tax or payroll taxes. Instead, a flat tax on all consumer goods of 23% would be levied.
The IRS would be a thing of the past, hiring someone to do your taxes would be gone...
The criminal element of our society, like prostitutes, drug dealers, etc would finally pay their fair share of taxes.
Not too mention illegal immigrants!

How would this help the poorest in our society? They would be the only ones who get any money back if they are below a certain level of income.
Imagine how much more of your paycheck you could keep!

So, please, go to and look into it!

Cowboy concerns

All of this talk about Jessica Simpson is really worrying me because the focus is not on the Carolina Panthers, like it should be...
T.O, joking or not, should worry about his contribution to this weekend's game and not what Romolicious is or is not doing...

I have to admit: I am worried about these last two games...Our defense let the mighty Detroit Lion offense run all over them a couple of weeks ago....
Now, without Roy, our second leading tackler, I have a bad feeling we will have to rely on Terrence's tackling! And if you have seen the way he tackles, aaaghh!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Miami wins!

I was happy to see the Dolphins win their first game this season...
It reminds me of 1989 when my beloved Cowboys went 1-15...
I know what the fans are going through...
But that one win that season was against our most hated rival, the Redskins...
Kudos to Miami...

But what I just read on Yahoo! sports is that Jason Taylor and his wife Katina(sister of Zach Thomas) are still together...I remember reading something in the last couple of years that they were getting a divorce...So I am especially happy when couples stay together.
Taylor is a beefcake! Does he have a calendar out I could look at for "research" purposes? :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

More Cowboy woes

I have just learned that my favorite Cowboy will be unavailable Saturday against Carolina: Roy Williams. He has been suspended for a horse-collar violation (again)...
Oh Roy, oh Roy, where art thou Roy?????????? What was thy thinking?????????

So how will that affect the Cowboys this weekend? At least we might have Gurode and Canty back...Both are said to be walking around OK...
Romolicious will have to play with a contusion on his hand...

Lets hope they wake up and smell the playoff coffee this week and understand the repercussions of playing a playoff game in Green Bay in January!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool room

I love to read decorating blogs,and design*sponge is my favorite...
I love the eye candy these blogs give me, and the inspiration...
I am drawn to the first room on the above link...I have always wanted a table that sits on
legs like the one in the picture...
And I love color, pops of it everywhere!

Mitt Romney scores some points

Finally someone asks Romney about the Mormon Church's long-held beliefs about African-Americans not allowed to join their religion... It wasnt until the 1970's that changed...
Now, yes, I said I in an earlier post that I didnt care about Romney being a Mormon...
But I DO care about someone's views on race, so this link to "Meet the Press" is Romney's response to that question...

Notice how he tears up in his answer... I found him convincing in his response...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wish list


I absolutely love several of the trays on this site, but wonder if $100 each is a little too pricey...
What do you think? I think that three of them, side by side on a coffee table would look fantastic in my house...
I would take one in orange, pink and green...
The thing about trays is that you can display items on them, they can serve as a catchall for little things like keys, and they can be used when you are entertaining...

I love these, but I will keep on looking for some that more in my price range...

Petrino resignation

I am a proponent of moving to a new job to better your career, make more money, be closer to your family, etc. But what I am NOT for is forgoing your commitments, ie not keeping your word...
If you make a promise, I think you should keep it...
People dont have integrity anymore; once you lose that, you can never get it back...

Why did Petrino have to bail with three games left?
And then to leave a "Dear John" note to his players; a note he did not even bother to sign himself - he used a stamp!
He had an obligation to coach the team through the end of the season.
And who really looks bad in all of this is the University of Arkansas.
But I guess the Razorbacks dont mind that Petrino switches jobs like Hillary Clinton switches positions on Iraq...
You picked a real winner, Arkansas!

Christmas album

The other day I saw a Target commercial advertising Josh Groban's Christmas album.
When I heard him singing my favorite Christmas carol, Ave Maria, I bought the album the next day!
I am convinced when we make it to heaven, the angels will sound like him and Andrea Bocelli.
The album is good, and I listen to it often!
What I wonder is why so many singers have to come out with a Christmas album, like Toby Keith? Country singing and Christmas carols dont mix...

Cowboys loss

Sorry, Cowboy fans! It was my fault they lost today...
I was at a Nutcracker performance, then did a little shopping, so I didnt get home until 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter. This means I was not wearing my lucky Roy Williams jersey, which I always wear when the Cowboys win...
So I blame myself for today's loss; guess I should have worn #31 to the Nutcracker show!

But what I just heard is that Romolicious has a sprained right thumb, which would account for his poor performance and three picks.. I blame it on dingbat Jessica Simpson being at the game!
I say Jerry Jones bans her from the stadium - just to be on the safe side!!!!!!!!!
We need to win out, and we cant afford to have Simpson jinxing us!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

2008 Presidential race

I used to be a liberal, in my college days....
I used to be a conservative, my pre-9/11 days...
Now I feel I am...hmm... thats a good question?????????

The only person I will absolutely NOT vote for in a million years is:
Hillary Clinton. She has NO experience whatsoever, she has no convictions on anything, she SAYS shes a feminist, but shes not(that whole "stand by your man" no matter how many times he cheats on you is NOT feminist)!
And please, ladies, dont fall into that trap of "well CB, we should support her since shes a woman" crap! Who cares? This is 2007...Shouldnt we judge someone on their platform, values, convictions, record, etc and not their body parts?

Obama - No ideas
Edwards - So Full of crap his campaign manager walks after him with a pooper scooper
Richardson - No, I am not going to say just because hes part Mexican I endorse him

Guiliani - riding the 9/11 thing as far as it will go
Romney - astute businessman who has changed his position too often; who cares if hes a Mormon?
McCain - considered to "soft" on immigration(not in my book), but at least he and President Bush tried; he was a POW for 5 years in Vietnam, so he has my utmost respect and admiration
Hunter - would make a great vice-presidential candidate; Ann Coulter supports him(watch out)
Tancredo - needs more vision than just hammering to death his xenophobia
Thompson - doesnt think quick on his feet; he also seems like he hasnt done his homework in a couple of the debates

which leaves me with...
Yes, Huckabee...
I was a Huckabee supporter before he started rattling off at the mouth about the theological tenets of Mormonism...But he is a Baptist minister; what is he supposed to say?

So why do I support him (as of this current point in time)?
*he hasnt waffled on his views from his time as Governor of Arkansas through today
*he is for the Fair Tax (I will blog on that soon)
*he lost over 100 pounds, which to me means he has focus, and he sticks to something
*two or three debates ago, he said something that floored me that I didnt think any Republican would ever say:
I am paraphrasing: "Sometimes I think the immigration hostility is about the Mexican people and we need to change that; we are alienating the Hispanics in this country because of immigration"
So he had me at "Mexican"...
*Under him in Arkansas, he let children of illegal immigrants have free in-state tuition

TV Thoughts

Watched TLC's Fashionably Late with Stacy London this evening for the first time...
It was pretty entertaining, I will have to admit...
I was worried I wasnt going to like it anywhere near how I love "What not to Wear." I have picked up some good fashion tips by watching the show.

Rocco Dispirito was on; he has a new book out...He made this really easy, quick recipe, Shrimp Parmesan. He started out with white beans mixed with olive tapenade...He broiled the shrimp, covered with parmesan cheese and pepper, for 10 minutes...
I have never used my broiler, because I am terrified I am going to burn something!
But I was really inspired to try it out, so I will print out that recipe from the show's website...
The book is entitled "Rocco's Real-life recipes." I will let you know if I try it out!

Carolina Herrera was a guest also! Oh my goodness! Can I look like her when I am her age?
The woman has 10 grandkids! One day I will afford an after-five dress from her collection - just you wait!

Stacy had a segment entitled "Up and comers," and I was intrigued by a designer named Julie House. Her dresses were classic, with a twist. One cute dress had a bell shaped hem...I will checkout her website, if she has one...

Mitchell Report

And one wonders why I hate baseball as much as I do..
Why anyone would pay an arm and a leg to go see cheaters is beyond me...
Why dont you just save your money and go watch wrestling? We all know and acknowledge that"sport" is fake!!!!!!
Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens - they should all have an asterisk by each of their names and NOT get inducted into the hall of fame... Is there a hall of shame out there for them?
But this is it people! The only way YOU can voice your dissatisfaction is by NOT attending the games or watching them on television. Show them that you will not tolerate cheating.
Yes I know its widespread and "everyone does it." But I dont want to tell my child that just because "everyone is cheating" doesnt mean I condone it, and neither should you...

But is will be interesting to see what the Commissioner does now with this information...
What am I thinking????????????? It will be business as usual - Can I borrow that needle, Barry?

My first post!

OK, I love reading blogs, and feel I too, can share some opinions, thoughts, ideas, streams of consciousness, etc like the rest of America...

I will have three categories: SPORTS, CULTURE/LIFESTYLE, and POLITICS
So I will title each of my postings with one of these three colors, so you know what area I will blog about...

Here is a little about me: I attend graduate school and teach, I am married and have one child.
I am Mexican-American, Christian, and Southern...

More about me later...Lets get posting!