Friday, July 18, 2008

Vegas Baby!

My husband and I are on the way to Vegas soon...
I have never been there... My husband keeps telling me I am going to love it!
I am looking forward to seeing all the great shopping, but am a little depressed about it at the same time...

I mean, who wouldnt be depressed going into Hermes when the price tag says $3,000 for one handbag! Or going into Jimmy Choo, etc... You know what I mean! Most of us middle class girls cant spend that kind of money! I mean, yeah, I might get lucky playing the slots, but lets be real here, Hermes is unattainable for most of us...

Anyone know of any cool shops in Vegas that are affordable and unique?

One thing I am certainly looking forward to, since I am a self-proclaimed foodie, is the dining! Food heaven here I come!
I dont care if I gain a few pounds, it will be worth it!

If anyone has any food or shopping tips for Vegas, please let me know!

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