Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Feminism on its head

No matter what you think of both Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin, as women, as feminists, should we not be excited about this?

Why are people, not to mention females like the idiotic Sally Quinn, asking if Gov. Palin can do her job as vice president with 5 kids? I dont think one person has asked Sen McCain about his seven kids or umpteen grandkids...

And I seriously doubt anyone asked President John Kennedy about his two small children!

Another thing I take issue with is that people question Gov. Palin's beauty pageant involvement. I guess you cant be both smart and attractive as well.

I am outraged by not only the sexism I am seeing, but the fact that "feminists" or people who say they are feminists are showing that they are against women succeeding in politics if they are conservative. I didnt know that feminism was about conservatives and liberals.
Margaret Thatcher was a conservative and I know she was a feminist
Why cant Palin be that also?

No one has a monopoly on feminism...

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