Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sports news

*What the heck are the Spurs thinking, trading Brent Barry and Francisco Elson to the Sonics for Kurt Thomas?
Barry is a clutch 3 point shooter who plays excellent, hustle defense, especially during the playoffs...
He also happened to be one of my favorite Spurs (Manu is my favorite, of course! :) )

*The Miami Dolphins let go of Zac Thomas last week... Would like to see him wind up at a winning team this time around!

*OK, baseball is a sport I have never liked (unless my little brother was playing)
This is the way I see it now... Anyone who knowingly purchases a ticket to a game in which Andy Pettite is playing is, is essence, condoning his cheating...
Is there a reason he and others like him are still playing? If the American public is really going to show their disapproval for illegal substances in baseball, they would stop buying tickets...

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