Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

I had a great Christmas Eve afternoon alone with my husband.
We went to RuthChris steak house for lunch...What a dining experience!
I didnt know steaks could taste that delicious! All you vegans and vegetarians are really missing out! I had a petit filet, cooked medium rare, with a baked potato...The bread was scrumptions also!
For dessert, I had the chocolate sin cake!
The service was excellent as well.
Eating there is really worth the money!

Then we went to see National Treasure 2...It had all the witty reportoire of the orginal, and the plot was just as convaluted as the first one...It was a great family film that was upbeat, fun and appropriate for all ages.
I wont give the plot, but it sure would be fun to change history according to the movie!
Go see the movie with your family!

Me rr y Ch ri st m as!

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