Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fair Tax

I blogged previously that Huckabee has my interest because he is a proponent of the Fair Tax.
The bottom line is this: there would be no more income tax or payroll taxes. Instead, a flat tax on all consumer goods of 23% would be levied.
The IRS would be a thing of the past, hiring someone to do your taxes would be gone...
The criminal element of our society, like prostitutes, drug dealers, etc would finally pay their fair share of taxes.
Not too mention illegal immigrants!

How would this help the poorest in our society? They would be the only ones who get any money back if they are below a certain level of income.
Imagine how much more of your paycheck you could keep!

So, please, go to and look into it!

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Marsha and Kevin said...

Also, under the Fair Tax, senior citizens will finally have a choice on whether their savings is taxed AGAIN (as most of it was taxed prior to saving it). Currently, their savings is taxed (capital gains) and when they spend it (embedded costs of the tax code). The Fair Tax will allow them to choose to not have it taxed again, based on their spending choices (buying used goods, or on education, for instance). Learn more, and check out the national grassroots movement: