Thursday, December 20, 2007

Goodbye magazines!

Why is it that the best magazines get the ax?
In case you havent heard, Martha Stewart's Blueprint magazine has gone by the wayside... Some of its ideas and formats will be absorbed into the company's other special publications, like Martha Stewart Weddings and others...
I loved Blueprint! It had a mix of topics that interested me, from fashion, to design, to self-help.
Another mag to get the boot is House and Garden. While I didnt read that one often, their website and blogs were awesome.

A few years ago, my absolute favorite magazine was done away with: Budget Living. Anyone remember that one? The premise of that mag was cost-effective ways of living, from shopping, to decorating, to party-throwing...
I am still mad at the magazine gods for getting rid of that one!

So what are my favorite magazines now?
Here they are in no particular order:
Living Etc (Out of England - $7 and some change at Barnes and Noble, but this
just might be the best magazine you are not reading...the
photography is hands-down the best of ANY magazine, and the
merchandising/staging of items is terrific)
Real Simple
Better Homes and Gardens
Organize (this magazine, dedicated to organizing your home and life, just
started this year. I LOVE purchasing baskets and boxes that help
organize all of my stuff)

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