Friday, December 14, 2007

2008 Presidential race

I used to be a liberal, in my college days....
I used to be a conservative, my pre-9/11 days...
Now I feel I am...hmm... thats a good question?????????

The only person I will absolutely NOT vote for in a million years is:
Hillary Clinton. She has NO experience whatsoever, she has no convictions on anything, she SAYS shes a feminist, but shes not(that whole "stand by your man" no matter how many times he cheats on you is NOT feminist)!
And please, ladies, dont fall into that trap of "well CB, we should support her since shes a woman" crap! Who cares? This is 2007...Shouldnt we judge someone on their platform, values, convictions, record, etc and not their body parts?

Obama - No ideas
Edwards - So Full of crap his campaign manager walks after him with a pooper scooper
Richardson - No, I am not going to say just because hes part Mexican I endorse him

Guiliani - riding the 9/11 thing as far as it will go
Romney - astute businessman who has changed his position too often; who cares if hes a Mormon?
McCain - considered to "soft" on immigration(not in my book), but at least he and President Bush tried; he was a POW for 5 years in Vietnam, so he has my utmost respect and admiration
Hunter - would make a great vice-presidential candidate; Ann Coulter supports him(watch out)
Tancredo - needs more vision than just hammering to death his xenophobia
Thompson - doesnt think quick on his feet; he also seems like he hasnt done his homework in a couple of the debates

which leaves me with...
Yes, Huckabee...
I was a Huckabee supporter before he started rattling off at the mouth about the theological tenets of Mormonism...But he is a Baptist minister; what is he supposed to say?

So why do I support him (as of this current point in time)?
*he hasnt waffled on his views from his time as Governor of Arkansas through today
*he is for the Fair Tax (I will blog on that soon)
*he lost over 100 pounds, which to me means he has focus, and he sticks to something
*two or three debates ago, he said something that floored me that I didnt think any Republican would ever say:
I am paraphrasing: "Sometimes I think the immigration hostility is about the Mexican people and we need to change that; we are alienating the Hispanics in this country because of immigration"
So he had me at "Mexican"...
*Under him in Arkansas, he let children of illegal immigrants have free in-state tuition

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