Friday, January 18, 2008

Artwork front and center

Holly at says if she was a bedroom, she would be this room. I have to say that I would LOVE to live in this room. I love the flokati rug, but with a four year old running around, that wouldnt be practical at this stage in my life. And you know me and the artwork! Anything that highlights my artwork is deco-love for me! I wonder what that yellow thing is on the top left part of her art ensemble?
One of the things I struggle with regarding my art placement is whether to put my stuff in different color frames, or keep it all in one color. This room did a mix and it turned out great. I have tried it and for me, it just doesnt quite come out as crisp as this room does...
I also like that long, framed panel on the far right... I have some vintage wallpaper that I plan to frame in much of the same way, as soon as I can get to it!
I also like the pink pillows on the bed, and the huge pop of pink and black on the larger pillow.

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