Thursday, January 24, 2008

Political correctness backfires...

They embraced Anita Hill, and her (unproven) story of feminist grievance,
and helped ride it to victory in the Year of the Woman; they promised a cabinet
that "looked like America" (though not quite as much so as George W. Bush's),
hectored opponents of affirmative action, and suggested impeachment was a device
thought up by southern conservatives to punish the Clintons for having black
friends. Now they find themselves unable to criticize a black man for what they
think are legitimate reasons, because they helped to teach people that criticism
is bias in disguise, and they can't complain that their words have been
misinterpreted, because the theory of hate speech maintains that the listener
can project on to words uttered by others whatever motives he wants to see in
them. If he declares himself offended, the listener has the last word.

Words from Noemie Emery of The Weekly Standard on political correctness between Hillary and Obama

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