Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Most hated person in the US?

Who is the most hated person in the US right now?

Here are my top choices:
1. Lori Drew of Dardenne Prairie, Missouri
This sorry-excuse-for-a-human being-and-mother is the one who posed as a teenage boy on the internet to see if a former friend of her daughter was saying bad things about her on MySpace. Well, this friend committed suicide after the "boy" rejected her.
While no criminal charges were filed against this pathetic murderer, the federal government is thinking about bringing fraud charges against her sorry ass...
Has she even apologized to this young girl's parents?

2. The two "friends" who allowed their friend to be mauled by a tiger on Christmas at the San Francisco zoo
There is talk that these guys did something to tease the tiger which led her to jump out of her enclosure and kill their teenage friend. These guys have been eerily silent, leading me to think they are culpable in some way. I hope these guys, if they are guilty of arousing this tiger, have some type of legal action brought against them.
Have they apologized to their friend's parents and family?

3. The man who threw his four kids off a bridge in Alabama
Obviously, this guy had some serious mental health issues, but why didnt HE jump off the bridge also, saving the Alabama taxpayers a heck of alot of money and time? Can you say DEATH PENALTY?
And for all those anti-death penalty people out there, let me guess: you would say he was "misunderstood," or that he is insane, so Alabama shouldnt terminate him, or other nonsense...

So which person from above is the most hated?

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