Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Obama vs. Hillary, round one

Readers may have noticed that I have found myself
slipping. I no longer refer to Clinton's candidacy. I refer to the Clintons'
candidacy. This was always the case, of course. They have been professionally
joined at the hip for their entire careers. Their marriage, among other things,
is a power-move - for them both. But I never expected Bill to show his hand this
crudely and this unpleasantly so soon. I'll bet he didn't either. But that's how
close Obama has come.
At least now we know what this race is about: Obama
versus the Clintons. Both of them. Their dynasty. Their power. Their methods.
Their character.

This is from Andrew Sullivan at his blog, andrewsullivan.com. If you missed the Democratic debate last night, you missed a boxing match without the gloves! Clinton and Obama went after each other... I am glad Obama is not taking her crap anymore - I am starting to have more respect for him... At one point, Hillary was getting irritated that Obama kept talking about Bill and all the factual errors he was putting out about Obama's record... So Hillary said, "He's not here, I am"...Which Obama responded to by saying: "Sometimes its hard to tell who I am running against!"

Obviously Mr. Sullivan feels the same way. And you think Bill wont be involved in the affairs of a Hillary White House? Are you kidding?

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