Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In response to nataliegracie

With all due respect natalie, we Cowboys fans are NOT blaming Jessica for the loss...
We understand that our team blew it!
Our offensive line let a tired, beat-up defense plow through them and then chase, and often sack Romo. Our defense let the Eli Manning-led offense score a touchdown in 47 seconds at the end of the first half...Sorry, I am not buying the "second coming of Peyton" with respect to Eli...
I find it ironic that the offensive lines coach, Sparano, and the offensive coordinator, Garrett, are both leaving Dallas... Maybe they were too distracted thinking of their new teams to give a crap about how the game would go... Garrett changed the game plan in the second half: no more Barber.
So while there may be some tongue-in-cheek comments about Jessica, we know the truth...

Finally, I call this the "Curse of Dallas." First the Dallas Mavericks suffer the worst loss in NBA playoff history, now the Cowboys stink it up.
So obviously the sports gods are not looking down favorable upon Big D.

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