Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oprah criticized

This article is about fans of Oprah Winfrey turning on her for her endorsement of Barack Obama, rather than Hillary. Huh, I didnt know that those were her only two choices?
Oh, but I keep forgetting - people of color arent supposed to vote for Republicans or Libertarians... We people of color should just keep towing the Democratic line because thats what we are expected to do...

Anyways, I think Oprah can endorse anyone she darn well pleases... All of you people who feel she should have endorsed Hillary just because she is a woman obviously are trying to take us back to the 1970's and beyond...
Didnt the civil rights movement and women's liberation movement say that people should be looked at based on what their platforms are, what they stand for, their records, etc NOT for the color of their skin or whether they have boobs or not?

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