Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cowboys lost it all by themselves

OK, I dont blame Romo and his partying in Mexico for this debacle tonight...
I am so upset that they blew the game I could scream!

1. Poor tackling by our defense led to the Giants first touchdown by Toomer.
2. This is the one I will allude to that really caused us the loss: our defense letting a nontalent Eli Manning-led offense score the last 47 seconds before the first half. Now that was ridiculous!
3. It is obvious that the blame is to go around for this loss, but our defense was a joke today...
4. All of the blasted penalties... How many false starts were there today?
5. Crayton dropping that pass in the third quarter really hurt.
6. The offensive line really stunk in the second half. I havent seen Romo on his butt that many times all season! When you start getting chased, tackled, and knocked down, it starts affecting your concentration, timing and completion percentages.
7. Our guys blew the game all by themselves...
8. Now lets hope Brett Favre and the Packers steamroll their butts next weekend!


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